Row by Row Quilt Shop Hop = One Amazing Travel Quilt

I am really happy knowing that by September, I will have swam in both sides of the country. I will have stood with my feet in the water of both the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, with a week spent swimming in the Gulf of Mexico. Yeah, this year has been pretty amazing.

My adventures started out with a week in Florida. I love going there every year, because it’s the place where my husband and I got married. Those sunsets are some of my favorite sunsets to watch.


Three months later I found myself on my first solo flight to Alaska. I was blown away at the beauty of Ketchikan. To live between mountains and ocean, that’s the dream. I spent 3 days there visiting one of my favorite people and one of my newly favorite states. Then we drove home  (to Chicago)…..through CANADA!!  For all the jokes that Americans make about Canada and Canadians, I think they are getting the last laugh because their country is RIDICULOUSLY beautiful. There wasn’t one bit of boring view the entire 3 days it took us to drive threw it. My favorite part of this drive in the US was South Dakota, especially Mt. Rushmore and the Black Hills. I was surprised about that as you are.




My final road trip is to New York. My mom and I are driving there to visit a friend, with a stop in Conneticut, because why not.

Needless to say, I am very lucky.

I wanted to find a way to uniquely commemorate all the states I’ve traveled to this year. My answer came from visiting a precious quilting shop in Ketchikan Alaska. The super nice proprietor told me about this event that’s going on in The US and Canada, called ROW X ROW. Basically, quilt shops in both countries each come up with their own design for a quilt panel. Quilters travel around collecting different panels from the shops and then sew 8 of the panels into a quilt. There are prizes for participating. Although I doubt I’ll get my quilt done by the October 31st deadline, my prize will be the memories. I want to use this quilt years from now and have it flood me with memories and stories.

So, I collected a panel from the shop in Alaska, but unfortunately, all the shops I tried to visit along of the Alaska/Canada trip were closed by the time we got to that city. I’m hoping beyond hope that they ship. That, I’m sure, will be a story for another day.

I went threw and looked at all the panels of all the states/cities I have visited or will visit. It’s a pretty long list, like 15 shops not including Illinois, long. Most of the panels that I want are still to come in states I’ll be visiting on my way to New York. This quilt is going to be big and filled with memories!

I have been stalking the Facbook pages of ROW X ROW in various states. The quilts that people have been turning in are just stunning. I hope I get to see some in the future shops that I visit.

If any of you are participating in this, let me know!


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