Where the Hell I’ve Been!

Hey folks,

If you’re still around, you might be wondering where the hell I’ve been the past 8 months.

Short Answer: I got a second job.

Long Answer: I have a degree in Interior Design, but I graduated right around the time the market cooled and everyone was talking about unemployment rates. So, I got myself a practical job that paid well and gave health benefits. I really love my boss at this job and don’t mind the work, but there is always a little voice in my head that says, you want to design. You want to create spaces for people to love, visit, enjoy, and feel better about the world in.

Then, I got an exciting opportunity from a former class mate. She had applied at La-Z-Boy Furniture and after interviewing decided not to take the position. This really worked out in my favor because she recommended me and after interviewing, I got the job too. I was a Design Assistant and I got to help the designer pick out items for her customers’ rooms, create boards for clients, and put on design seminars.

I worked with people who reminded me what it was like to work with people who loved their job, people who didn’t hold grudges, and people who wanted to see each other succeed. I really got spoiled working there, even though it meant 13 hour days for me, I loved who I worked with.

I think that’s what kept me longer than I should have stayed. I realized, I loved the people, but I am a more task oriented person. I love getting to know customers on an individual bases and helping them achieve the looks they love, but I didn’t like waiting around for the next one to come in. So, after a lot of soul searching and angst, I realized that I need to let go of that job to focus on finding my dream job.

So, now I am back down to one job. I still miss my coworkers and can’t wait to see them soon. However, I am happy to have time to do things like blog, spend time with my husband, read books, make decorations for my nephews’ birthday, be a better friend, and most importantly, focus on finding my dream job.

Soon, I will share with you all the projects I did have time to fit in as well as all the new one’s I plan to start. Lord knows that list is longer than Santa’s.

And, as you can tell, my one recipe a week fell to the way side. I hope to bring that back up again, but I plan to focus more on learning my mom’s recipes. I would love to be able to cook like her.

Thanks for reading,

Laura McC

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