Second Recipe of the Year

Hi Everyone,

Are you ready for the second recipe of the year? Good. Part of my goal for making a new food every week was to learn how to make some of my mothers signature recipes. She can make four different recipes out of flour, milk and eggs alone. That is an amazing skill that I would love to learn.

She taught me how to make the meat from scratch and then how to make the dough from scratch. Then she taught me how to combine the two for a very tasty outcome. Honestly, all the food that my mom makes takes a long time to cook (because it’s all from scratch), but it’s always worth it.

The meat biscuits are very tasty and a great snack to eat with one hand while your busy at work. I wrote down the recipe and payed close attention while making them so that I can do them by myself next time.

They are especially good with a cup of milk. In fact, I’m making myself hungry. Excuse me, I’m going to get me some now.

What’s some of your favorite family recipes?

~Laura McC

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