Flying Purple People Eater

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry I haven’t been around for the last couple of weeks, I was writing an article for my friends’ online magazine.  I can’t wait to share that with you……later. Now, I want to share with you something I made for a friend of mine. He came into work singing the song of the flying purple people eater. I made a joke about making him a stuffed animal of it and he got so excited at the prospect, that I had to follow through. So, here is he is!

Isn’t he adorable? I’m so excited to give him to my friend.

Thanks for reading,

Sorry you haven’t had much to read lately,

~Laura McC

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2 Responses to Flying Purple People Eater

  1. Jesse says:

    This is so cute. Did you work from a pattern? I’d love to see photos of it in-process.

    I love that song, too. It was my favorite when I was little, since purple was my favorite color.

    • Laura McC says:

      Hi Jess!

      Purple is an amazing color. It was my favorite for a long time too. No, I didn’t have a pattern. I did draw a quick sketch of him and the shape of the wings. Outside from that, everything was eyeballed as I went along. I’m sorry I don’t have more pictures to share with you. I was too excited to finish him to take progress photos. If you would like, I can walk you through the steps or we could get together and I could help you. It would be awesome to see you again!

      ~Laura McC

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