I Love Weekends Like This

Hi friends,

I love weekends like this. This past weekend was one of my favorites in recent memory. Let’s start with Friday night.

I finally got to meet my baby nephew in person. I had been sick the day he was born and didn’t want to pass it to him, so I had to wait until I was better. He was born Tuesday of this past week and I didn’t get to meet him until Friday. He’s perfect and adorable. And I’ll stop talking now and just show you.

That’s my mom holding him. She’s on the phone with me, so it’s almost like I was there.

That’s my brother holding him. Weston Tomas, welcome to the world.

On Saturday, I made a home made pizza. It was amazing! (if I do say so myself). My husband liked it so much, he wants to learn how to make it himself. I know! I was shocked too.

After that amazing dinner, we went to a birthday bash at a bar! It was really fun to celebrate, be with friends, and listen to the band play. It always seems to happen that a friend of mine will wear his fedora and it will get passed around during the night. It’s just something we do, though I don’t know why or how it started. Here’s how it looked on me.

(Every look at a photo of yourself and really start to see the resemblance to your mother? Not saying it’s a bad thing, I just never saw it before.)

After the party we stopped by to see a friend of mine who I haven’t seen in a long time. She’s six months pregnant and has been my friend since 4th grade! It was so lovely to see her for a few minutes. They drove down from Minnesota that day. It’s a 12 hour trip, so we didn’t stay long. Didn’t want to keep her up and that’s why I didn’t get a photo either.

On Sunday, I made two blankets. One for me for the coming winter and one for the previously mentioned friend’s baby. Both came out great, but I didn’t have time to photograph them. Those will come later, promise.

Sunday I also made dumplings. My family is from Lithuania and I have never met anyone who cooks like my mom. The things she can do with flour and potatoes astounds me. She taught me the family recipe for dumplings and we made some today. Since the process can be a little long, we make a whole bunch of them and freeze them. Yet again, we had an amazing dinner. Though I don’t think my husband would like to learn how to make them. Then we sat on the couch and did nothing.

‘Twas a very good weekend.

~Laura McC

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One Response to I Love Weekends Like This

  1. Jamie says:

    1. SUCH an adorable nephew. And he is so, so lucky to have such a phenomenal family surrounding him.

    2. That fedora. That sweaty, sweaty fedora.

    3. I’m now hungry.

    4. I can’t wait until our next friend weekend is blogged about. 🙂 I’ll feel famous, then.

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