Pillowcase Apron

Hi All,

I was out thrifting (easily one of my favorite things to do) and I found this awesome pillowcase. I knew I couldn’t put it on my bed (it doesn’t match), but I also couldn’t pass it up. So, I took it home and debated what to do with this beautiful piece of fabric. Then it hit me! -an apron!

I love the design on this pillow. I imagine the whole set would have been fantastic! I didn’t want to make anything that would cut it up. So, I decided to just add some brown ribbon to the two corners as a tie and I was done 10 minutes.

For the sewn side of the pillow, just open up the seem and insert the ribbon and resew up the seem.

For the open side of the pillow case, I just attached the ribbon to the outside piece of fabric. I did this so that the two sides would be symmetrical.

Thanks for reading!

~Laura McC

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