Trisha’s Twin Grand Baby Blankets

Hi folks,

Trisha, a good friend of mine at work (and a really good friend of my mom’s in everyday life), just added two grand babies to her family. Her daughter had twin boys a few weeks ago and they are very adorable! I hope to meet them in person one day. I made them blankets and each one has an embroidered feature.

The first one is robots. What little boy wouldn’t love a robot blanket?

The Embroidery…

I also made a dinosaur blanket. I think the only thing better than robots, are dinosaurs. Total side story – I like to annoy and frustrate my husband by telling him I don’t believe dinosaur’s existed. And then he yells, “We went to the museum! You saw the bones!!” I just laugh and walk away. Frustrating him is mean, but he’s so cute when he’s annoyed.

Anyway, back to the blankets.

Embroidery detail:

They turned out very cute and I hope the babies like them.

Thanks for reading,

~Laura McC

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2 Responses to Trisha’s Twin Grand Baby Blankets

  1. Jamie says:

    Umm…..I want these both. Where did you find this wonderful fabric??

    • Laura McC says:

      I think it was Hobby Lobby, but I’m not 100% sure. I still have the dino fabric we bought at Wal-mart. I promise to make you something with it soon. I have to live threw what I have now dubbed as “Baby Month”. So…Many…Baby…Projects.

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