Exciting News!

Hi folks,

I have several pieces of exciting news to share:

First, my brother and his wife are having a little baby. This is my first time being an Auntie and I am super excited. We just found out today that it is going to be a boy! This is really exciting because now I can make baby boy crafts. Gender neutral baby crafts are hard.

Second, my husband and I are celebrating our 10 year/1 year anniversary next week. 10 years of being together, 1 year of marriage. Still blows my mind that it’s been that long, that I still love him like I did when we met, and that I can’t stand to go longer than 24hrs without seeing him. We are celebrating with a tropical vacation. Palm trees, sandy beaches, and ocean breezes…..can’t wait!

Third, I get to be part of the Creative Bloggers Coalition Campaign to test out the new Krylon Dual Spray Paint. Spray paint is one of my very favorite mediums and I cannot wait to share my projects with you!

Fourth-ly, I am having a Crafty Girls Night with 3 of my dear friends next weekend and cannot wait to share with you the keepsake I made for the event. I think it’s cute and it was very fun to make.

Have a fantastic day!

~Laura McC

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