More Treasures Found

Hi all,

I’m sorry for my absence last week. I was sick and therefore, useless. I didn’t even go to work. (Crazy, I know.) Anyway, I wanted to share with you more of the treasures that I have uncovered while unpacking.

This is Big’en. He is about 4 ft tall and a gift from my husband back when we were still dating. He won Big’en at an amusement park. My favorite part of the story is that Big’en went on all the rides with my husband and his friends. Big’en even got his very own seat during the rides.

This is to show you how big he is. He’s sitting there watching Brenden play Battlefield. Aren’t they adorable together? He used to sit in my brothers basement. Now, he sits by the front door and guards the house.

I found this, which I remember my dad gave to me for a birthday. I can’t remember which one, but the music transports me to long ago before things got complicated.

I had completely forgotten about this beautiful car that my brother brought me from his honeymoon. He and his wife went to Hawaii, a place I have always wanted to go.

This is one of my very favorite vases in the whole wide world. I was reminded of how craftsmanship and design can come together to make something perfect.

I cannot for the life of me remember where I got this goose, but I’m so glad that I did. It makes me silly happy when I look at it.

Thanks for reading,

~Laura McC

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