House Project Days 5 & 6

Day 5

Trips to Home Depot: 1

Trips to Ace Hardware: 2

Hours Worked: 7

Projects Completed: 2

Lunch: McDonalds

Day 6

Trips to Home Depot: 0

Trips to Ace Hardware: 0

Hours Worked:  6

Projects Completed:  4

Lunch: Chines

Hi all,

Thanks for sticking with me during this non-crafty time. I am so happy that the big things are painted and we are almost all set for moving in. (Let’s not talk about all the packing I have left to do. – we just don’t have that kind of time) On Saturday, it was my mom and I. Brenden decided to stay at home so he can pack. (He packed all his stuff in a day! A DAY!! How is that even possible?) Any way, since he stayed home, my mom and I got a good chunk of things done. Brenden’s step dad, Dave, stopped by to work on mudding and straightening out a wall in my mom’s bedroom. Apparently, the people who lived here before thought that they could put up a wall themselves. The wall looks like a giant wave. Not kidding. So Dave came to give it another coat of straightening out.


This is after Dave mudding my mom’s bedroom last weekend.

This is how it looked after Day 5 (Saturday).

This is the last layer on Day 6 (Sunday)

There is so much mud on that wall (like 5 buckets!). This wall is so straight now. It’s awesome.

Back to what my mom and I did on Saturday. Besides painting the downstairs hallway, we worked on my studio. (I’m so excited to finally have a place to create!!) The story of the studio is that we weren’t going to paint it. The color wasn’t bad, but then we let Dave loose with mud and he started covering holes with reckless abandon. Not a bad thing, because many walls are now pristine, but we did have to alter our plans. So, I picked a slightly different shade of green and we started painting.

This is the before.

This was after we painted. I didn’t like the color because of all the yellow the sunlight was adding to it made it look very much like candy apple green. So, my mom and I improvised. We mixed what was left of this color with what was left of the downstairs living room color and made a much nicer (and muted) green.

Please forgive the lighting. It was raining that day. The next photo is a close up of the color.

On Day 6, we had a bunch of helpers. It was lovely. My brother stopped by to install our dish washer and to connect the water to our fridge.

Brenden’s mom touched up our bedroom.

Brenden finished the ceiling in the basement.

There was a lot of us and we got a lot done! I can’t even tell you how grateful we were to everyone pitching in!

Finished Dining Room

Finish Living Room

Finished Master Bedroom

Finished Studio

Finished Down Stairs Living Room


Well, folks. That’s it. If you’ve made it this far, I thank you. I hope you enjoyed my final in progress post. I hope all following posts are about actual crafts and projects.


~Laura McC

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2 Responses to House Project Days 5 & 6

  1. Jamie says:

    I mourn the loss of the candy apple green. 🙂

    Really, though, everything looks great! Congratulations on it all!

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