House Project Day 3 & 4

Day 3

Trips to Home Depot: 1

Trips to Ace Hardware: 0

Hours Worked: 6

Projects Completed: 1 (Yay!)

Lunch: Pizza

Day 4

Trips to Home Depot: 1

Trips to Ace Hardware: 1

Hours Worked:  6

Projects Completed: 3.5 (more yay!)

Lunch: Portillo’s


Welcome (or for some Welcome Back)!

This is our second weekend turning a house into our home. On Saturday, Brenden and I worked alone. We finished our bedroom. That was very exciting and monumental. It kinda started to click that it’s real.

He’s working very hard on that second coat.

This photo is a close representation of the actual color. It’s a pale grayish blue called “Dolphin” by Martha Stewart.

On Sunday we got some AMAZING help. Brenden’s mom and step dad came to help us with the living room. They have a super tall ladder that was super helpful.

See? It’s a tall space.

This is the view from living room looking into the entry and dinning room.

I know it looks like there was blue paint in almost the same color as our bedroom underneath the tan, but I promise it was not. It was a dirty and poorly painted mauvy purple.

A contrast of the new color to the old in the back.

A final shot before the day was done.

Final tally: Day 3 – Bedroom

Day 4 – Entry, Living room, Hallway, and half a dining room.

So, that was our weekend. We have one more weekend of painting and prep before we finally (Finally) move in!


Thank you for reading

~Laura McC


And because I had a few extra minutes between coats, I’m going to share an artsy photo.

This is one of our new neighbors.

She is poking at a puddle in 9 degree weather whilst wearing PJ’s. I can’t wait to live next to her. It’s going to be an adventure.


~Laura McC

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