Valentine’s Day Hair Pins

I usually don’t care for Valentine’s day. I believe that you love each other everyday, February 14 doesn’t magically elevate your love. However, this year, I was inspired to make small valentine’s for my co workers. I work in an office of all women and so I came up with a really girly gift….Hair Pins.

This is how each card ended up, which I am happy to say is very close to my original sketch (I LOVE it when that happens)!!




1. Cutting Mat

2. Thick Scrap Paper

3. Recipe/Fancy Note Cards (Target dollar section)

4. Black Ink Stamp Pad

5. Sticky Back Jewels

6. Bobby Pins

7. Xacto Knife

8. Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Vintage Photo

9. Alphabet Stamps

10. Glue

11. Regular Sized Hole Punch

12. Martha Stewart Iron Gate Edge Punch

13. Sticky Foam Hearts (Target dollar section)

14. 1/4″ Hole Punch (I’m pretty sure this is the smallest size hole punch I could find at Michael’s. I’m really sad I don’t remember what project I just had to have it for.)


I began by cutting off the black edges on the note cards I bought. If you get different cards, please feel free to skip this step.

Then, I border punched the edge opposite the flower.

After that, I stamped the greeting at the top. I found those little letter stamps at Michael’s a long time ago and have used it way more than I thought I would.

After that, I created the hair pins themselves. For this, I peeled off the sticky back and stuck the foam hearts onto card stock (I wanted to make them sturdier). Then I carefully cut the hearts out. Then I stuck a rhinestone onto each heart. I’m a big fan of BLING!!

Then I used some of the scrap card stock as a glue support for attaching the heart to the bobby pin. I cut the scrap paper into small squares (not bigger that my heart, I didn’t want the paper to stick out!)

Then you put the paper into bobby pin, put glue on top and then attach the heart.

While the hearts are drying and setting, I punched two holes onto my note cards. For the hair pins with the bigger hearts on them, I used the bigger hole punch. For the medium and small heart hair pins, I used the small hole punch. This way, the person receiving the gift doesn’t see the hole.

I started off setting the holes so that the larger holes would fit and just really liked the look, so I continued that way. Honestly though, you could punch the holes in whatever way makes you happiest.

Then I just inserted the heart hair pins into the holes and Viola!


Thanks for reading!! If you make this project, please let me know!! I love seeing that kind of stuff!


~Laura McC

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6 Responses to Valentine’s Day Hair Pins

  1. Patricia says:

    Love it laura! It’s the perfect little gift for friends or coworkers on valentines day. Good idea!

  2. Jamie says:

    I totally saw this happen. And they’re as wonderful as they look!

  3. wingers81 says:

    Thanks for the hair pins. How do you come up with these ideas?

    • You’re welcome!! I’m really glad you like them. I wish I knew how my ideas worked, but they just appear and I try to sketch them out before they flow away again. How’s your blog coming?

      ~Laura McC

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