Reindeer Tags

This is what I hope to be a quick little post to show you some very quick and easy reindeer tags that I made.  Sorry that these are ideas are coming after the holidays, but I just had to catch you up on what I was doing! Anyway, these are very simple and go really quick. I made all the tags I needed for all my presents this Christmas in about an hour!



The steps are very simple and once you get a rhythm going, it flies:

1: Find a cute holiday stamp you like. I found this little guy at Michael’s and fell in love with him. I didn’t know what I was going to use him for, but he just had to come home with me.

2: Stamp him in dark brown ink onto a light tan card stock. I stamped straight from my Distressed Ink Pad in Walnut. I didn’t really use a pigment pad, mostly because I didn’t have one in the right color.

3: Cut around the image to create a square. I used the width of my ruler as a guide.

4: Scrape the edge of the tan paper against the distressed ink. As you can see in the picture, this creates that not-so-clean edge.

5: Glue the tan piece of paper to a dark brown piece of card stock. Eyeball an edge and cut around on three sides. Leave the top longer so that you can punch the holes.

6: Again, eyeball the top height ( I would say under half an inch) and cut off. Then cut off the notches at a 45 degree angle to create that classic tag shape. (Note: my hole puncher is smaller than the regular three hole punch size.)

7: Punch two holes in the top and thread a small ribbon through. Tie it to your gift and your all set.

Nothing goes better with cute hand made tags than a giant bow. That’s just my opinion though.

Thanks for reading and stopping by!! Please let me know if you try this and how they turn out.

** Fun side note: I also created that little tan tag that’s sneaking out behind the reindeer. It was even simpler than the reindeer tag. **


~Laura McC

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One Response to Reindeer Tags

  1. Indre says:

    not too late for excelent idea. 🙂 Bravo.

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